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These themes are the cornerstones of the Abbiamo tutto collection. Donna Marie Territo created Abbiamo tutto as a result of importing and designing products from Italy as a retailer. Abbiamo tutto means "we have everything" in Italian and Donna certainly keeps that in mind in presenting Italian artistry.

Based on overwhelming positive responses from customers for the lines and collections that were being made in Italy for Donna's retail store, in 2001 she decided to dedicate 100% of her time to designing, importing and distributing to high end specialty stores, catalogs and museums within the US and Canada and sold her store. She understands the issues facing retailers, she was one for over ten years.

Drawing on her Italian heritage and multi-national experiences, Donna strives to give customers unique, quality products that are a cut above the standard ceramic collections currently found in the marketplace. From time to time additional product categories are added, such as 100% woven cotton kitchen towels.

Collaborating with artists from various provinces in Italy creates a special collection for customers. Each piece is an expression of an artist's use of the particular region's styles, motifs, colors and methods of manufacturing.

Donna is very proud of the fact that Abbiamo tutto is one of the few importing/design companies that can truly state each and every item is made entirely - 100% - in Italy.
It's all about Italy!

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